Portland, OR Counseling

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Margaret King MA, NCC, LPCintern

Portland, Oregon Mental Health Counseling Services





My willingness to stay open to my clients' unique experiences in the space we create together allows me to work with a wide range of human experiences. My counseling approach operates in the here-and-now. I work with clients in Portland, Oregon using a trauma-informed lens to deepen self-knowing, meaning making, support shifts in perspective, as well as emotional, somatic, and behavioral support. The therapeutic relationship created between client and therapist in the present moment is the most essential tool for learning, growth, and deepening in the counseling process. I use a variety of creative interventions to assist the process: somatic awareness, sand tray, role play, nature therapy, dream work, and artistic expressions.



Meet Leo: A puppy with a desire to comfort, cuddle, and support you in your hard work. Leo was adopted from the Oregon Humane Society in May 2019. He is still learning some skills and is a natural at intuitive touch! Often times, Leo will sense that clients are in need of some extra support and respond by sitting in your lap, resting next to your leg, or greeting you with a gentle sniff. Leo is NOT hypoallergenic but sheds very minimally. Leo will not attend every session and is able to be elsewhere if you would prefer to have dog-free sessions. Please contact me with questions.