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I offer an approach to therapy called Internal Family Systems (IFS) that has been incredible for most of my clients. I have completed Derek Scott's Stepping Stones course through Internal Family Systems Counseling Association of Canada (IFSCA). Check out the information below to see if IFS might be a good fit for you, and check out this video of IFS explained right here.

What are "parts"?

We use parts language in IFS to honor the many aspects of ourselves. "Parts" refer to the many subpersonalities within the mind that each hold their own unique perspectives, wounds, interests, concerns, personalities, forms, and wisdom. The idea is that all parts have good intentions for the person's system, even if their behaviors aren't always desirable or ideal. 

Some parts carry burdens taken on throughout the client's lifetime, and some are completely unburdened (for example, I have parts that love to go hiking and there are no burdens held around that). 

How does it work?

By turning inward, feeling/noticing sensations & information from within, the client works with parts by getting to know them first. As therapist, I often notice which parts are "up" for the client as they talk about their feelings/thoughts. 

Who benefits from IFS?

Almost everyone! If you are open to new ways of healing and tapping into the seemingly infinite neural networks of the brain & want to see permanent results in your healing journey, this approach is for you.

Who created IFS?

Richard Schwartz PhD created IFS in the 1980s, borrowing many concepts from shamanism, spiritual practices, and hard science. 

Why I use IFS:

This approach is incredibly effective. I love holding space for others while they explore their internal worlds. IFS has helped me to fall in love with being a therapist all over again. 

The approach helps to strengthen the client's relationship with themselves instead of becoming more dependent on the therapist. 

What is Self Energy?

Self Energy is another name for "source energy", "spirit", "god", "highest self", or "core self." Self Energy is what IFS believes can offer healing and unburdening to our wounded parts, and the parts who are working really hard. The purpose of IFS is to make a "Self-to-part connection."  

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