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You always have the right to discontinue counseling services at any time. Please feel free to discuss with me any issues you may be experiencing in the therapeutic relationship. If you need assistance finding a better fit for you, I can provide you with referrals to other clinicians who may better suit your needs.


Making the choice to move toward change and growth can feel uncomfortable, unsettling, and challenging at first. For some folks, things feel harder before they feel easier throughout the counseling process. Counseling can open up new windows for people that may allow you to see things differently and with newfound wisdom. It is your choice if you decide to take the risk of opting out of counseling by doing nothing to address your suffering, problems, or life challenges.


Counseling services will be terminated if the following events occur: a) Serious threats or harassment made by the client to the counselor b) Client wishes to end services for personal reasons c) There is a consensual or mutual agreement to end services between client and therapist d) If the client needs a referral for a new provider to better suit their needs e) If the client has not been seen by me or if I have not heard from the client for 30 days OR if client has missed 2 scheduled appointments (no call/no show) without valid reason or explanation


I use HIPAA compliant means of securing your notes and records via a secure, locked briefcase and a locked file cabinet. In the future, I may switch to a HIPAA compliant online record keeping software called “Simple Practice.” I will notify you of this switch. If you use email to contact me, these emails exist on a password-protected personal computer. Please do not disclose any personal information via emails with me that you would like to maintain as completely confidential. No client information is sent electronically without your permission. I do not take insurance at this time, so I will not be sharing any information about our sessions with insurance companies.


*If we happen to see one another in public, I will not initiate contact or communication with you in order to protect your privacy and confidentiality. However, you are welcome to speak to me and initiate contact first if you wish. That is your choice.*

All information shared between client and myself within the safe space of the counseling room is kept confidential with some exceptions listed below...I will not discuss any identifying information about you or what you disclose to me with anyone except for my clinical supervisor, Dr. Margaret Eichler PhD and professional peer supervision attendees. I will not disclose anything about your case unless it is therapeutically necessary and relevant for your benefit or to improve the quality of care I provide to you. There are exceptions to client confidentiality. Here are the LIMITS OF CONFIDENTIALITY defined by Oregon Law: 1. Reporting suspected child abuse, elder abuse, or abuse of a vulnerable person (i.e.: persons with disabilities) 2. Reporting information that is required in court proceedings 3. Reporting imminent danger to self or others 4. Case consultations with supervisor as previously mentioned 5. Defending claims brought by client against me that are reported to the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists or in a legal proceeding

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